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Science Highlights:

Peter Schurtenberger

Trevor Forsyth: Life sciences: scientific highlights and future potential

Heloisa Bordallo: Neutron Scattering as a Probe for Chemistry

Dimitri Argyriou: Sailing on the Fermi Sea

Jon Goff: Magnetism & Superconductivity

Valery Nesvizhevsky: Gravitational and centrifugal quantum states of neutrons and anti-hydrogen atoms

Evelyne Godfrey: Neutron Heritage Conservation

Lise Arleth: Small-angle scattering studies of biomacromolecules in solution

Björgvin Hjörvarsson

Mogens Christensen: Scattering from Crystals


Long-pulse instruments:

Feri Mezei: Long-pulse Instrument Concepts


Large-Scale Structures:

Charles Dewhurst: Small-Angle Neutron Scattering

Rob Dalgleish: Reflectometer Design


Structural instruments:

Markus Hölzel: Design of a Crystal-monochromator Diffractometer

Thomas Proffen: Time-of-flight powder diffraction

Trevor Forsyth: Macromolecular Crystallography Instruments


Inelastic instruments:

Ruep Lechner: Chopper spectrometers

Ken Herwig: Building the SNS (Near-) Backscattering Spectrometer - BaSiS

Henrik Rønnow: Neutron Three Axis Spectrometers – and their likes

Margarita Russina on TOF multiplexing